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Advantages Of Office Management Resources

If you interested in a career as an office manager or have recently been promoted, you should be aware that there are an unlimited number of office management resources at your fingertips. These can help you in finding an office management job or they can assist you with improving your office management skills and techniques.


To begin, we’ll first focus on finding office management jobs. If you are searching for an office management job, you should turn to the internet. There is so much you can learn online. The internet can not only help you find office management jobs to apply for, but it can also help you determine if you are qualified and experienced enough for a job in the field of office management. You can also find information on office management training courses and so much more. This information can easily be found with a standard internet search. You should start by using targeted keyword phrases, such as “office management jobs.”

Books are another resource you can turn to when looking to start a career in office management. Career books are a nice source of information for job seekers. It’s possible to find resource books that focus on management jobs. These may outline what an office management job entails. It is also possible to find career guides that can help you develop CVs for office management jobs and career training courses that can sharpen your skills. To find office management themed books, you will want to turn to the internet or your local book store.


If you already have an office management job, there are a number of office management resources that you can use to your advantage. One of those resources is the internet. The internet can help you improve your management techniques in numerous ways. You can start by using the internet to research the latest in office management. This may give you tips, tricks, and techniques that have worked well for other office managers or other companies. You can also download template forms, such as those for faxes etc.

If you like downloading them, you may want to use office management software to your advantage. Office management software is technology at its best. Although office management software does vary, the software can be web based or networked through multiple computers. You and your team can use the management software to communicate with each other, share important project information, and do so much more. This software is great for record keeping as well. If you are an office manager, speak with your supervisor to see if office software is something the company can afford.


Seminars can help improve your office management skills and techniques. Office management seminars are held all year round, both on and offline. Many management seminars are hosted by those who are well-known in the field. Attending these seminars can be beneficial to you and your company, as many techniques covered have been tested and proven successful. If you would like to attend, you should speak with your supervisors, as they may be able to pay for the cost of attendance. These seminars may be expensive to attend but many report that they are more than worth the money spent.

As mentioned above, there are a number of office management resources that you can gain access to, regardless of whether you are looking for an office management job or simply looking to improve your techniques. There are a number of benefits to using these resources to your advantage.

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Print Management – What is it? And does Your Company need it?

Print management the control and optimisation of a company’s documents and printing. It consists of all things from adverting to letterheads on reports. PM can be divided up into four major categories.

  • Print – Consisting of lithographic, digital, large format, web printing and direct mail.
  • Creative – Graphic design, ad campaign, web design and build, and photography.
  • Logistics – Storage, distribution and logistics
  • Consultancy – Print Spend Audits and Budget planning.

Today at Truflies we have decided to focus in on creative design printing. We have search the web and have come back with these tops tips for print advertising.

  1. Attention – If your print advertisement fails to attract attention then you have failed overall. You should make the advertisement as visually attractive as possible. As everyday people are bombarded with advertising and you need yours to catch their attention.
  • It should have a catchy headline
  • A Picture can tell a thousand words – make sure you use high quality graphics and design.
  • Don’t crowd the ad too much, there is such a thing as too much information. Keep it short and snappy
  • Identify one clear message. You shouldn’t over do it with meanings.


  1. POV – The advertisement must appeal to the readers point of view. It should contain information that will tell the reader how your product or service will benefit them.
  2. Competitive Advantage – You should clearly indicate why your product or service is better than the rest.
  3. Proof of this Advantage – Testimonials, endorsements and statistics are all good ways of proving that you are better than the rest.
  4. Encourage Action – Your advertisement should most of all encourage your viewer to take action. Give them direction or present a special offer of which they can avail of. Remember who your target market is. If they are students then perhaps a discount for all people with student cards.


Apart from the tips above the best way to learn how to build successful print advertising campaigns is to learn from the best. Look up other successful campaigns that are working in your niche. See what works and forget what doesn’t.

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Procrastination kills motivation

Procrastination Kills Motivation

Procrastination is the killer of motivation and it seems everyone at some point has experienced it, some much more than others.

1. Start Simple

Once you get started you tend to be ‘on a roll’ and your motivation levels increase quickly. This is the process of beating procrastination. But why does our brain work this way. It’s an effect that proves unfinished tasks are more likely to stick in your mind to complete. This is also why to-do list items continually pop up in your head until you write them down- a to-do list calms this effect.

2. Break It Down

Large tasks and projects can be daunting and as a result we push them to the back of our minds and work pile. If you break down that task into simple steps it becomes mini tasks instead of one large one, reducing your fear of it and encourages you to get started.

3. Be Nice to Yourself

You may thing that in order to beat procrastination you need to be strict with yourself but that isn’t the case. If you punish yourself over your procrastination you’re motivation lacks because you will take the approach of “I’ve left it so long now I’ll do it whenever. What’s the rush?”

4. Get a Good Why

Everyone would agree that if you value or enjoy something you are more likely to start and complete it. Being aware of this helps you start the road of completing the work but you will then inevitably move on to things you don’t enjoy as much – power through you can do it! If you’re really struggling to get something done, spend a few minutes thinking exactly why you want to do it.

5. Be Mindful

Perfectionism and fear of failure are at the root of some people’s procrastination. To beat this, start by listening to your inner voice and removing any less than productive thinking. If you catch yourself saying; “This will be a catastrophe or I want this to be absolutely perfect” shake the idea out of your head to avoid procrastination taking over.

6. No Excuses

All sorts of excuses will enter into your mind when you don’t want to do something.

Be aware that these will come, and they’ll come big.

Here are a few of the excuses that psychologists have found people express to themselves:
◾Not in the mood to do it.
◾Believing you work better under pressure.
◾Thinking that you can finish it at the last minute.
◾Blaming sickness or poor health.
◾Waiting for the right moment.

This tip is all about developing an awareness that these are excuses of procrastination. Be mindful of anything that’s expressed like an excuse and label it as such. It’s natural, but it will also stop you getting anywhere.

The above tips should help to overcome procrastination and encourage motivation in your work, something that is guaranteed to impress your boss.


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The Office of Today – How We Are Changing the Way We Do Things

What we have come to accept of a conventional office is far different to what an office of today actually is. The modern office is developing ever day into so much more than just 4 walls, a few desks, computers, filling cabinets, chairs and well lots of other things. We spend so much of our time communicating and planning our work online now is there even a need for a physical office? Maybe new business could just a rent a room for them to meet in every week. This week at Truflies we will be looking at the different elements of a modern office starting with The Virtual Office:

The Virtual Office

For some business people this concept is hard to consider, but some businesses only exist online and nowhere else, they actually don’t have a physical office. Having a virtual office makes it possible for a group of people to live in different corners of the earth but still be able to communicate and share files in real time. For some businesses there really is no need for you to leave the house or live anywhere near your boss to fulfil your daily duties. This gives virtual businesses great cost benefits as they never need to rent property or purchase equipment like a traditional business would.

No More Paper

Nowadays business people can go an entire day without using paper. Updating databases, writing blogs, communicating with customers uploading digital copies of files all done without paper. It saves a business greatly on physical costs. This is also a great for the environment. Also digital files can be shared across the world in seconds, they can be backed up and stored in different places. Along way from the office of old. Something as simple as business cards can be replaced by a linkedIn profile.

What About Face-to-Face Meetings?

This is one thing that cannot be replicated. Even with such great advancements in video communication from companies like Skype, the fundamentals stay the same. You cannot finalise a deal or really trust someone you are doing business with, without meeting them first.

But video conferencing is advancing further and further every day and things like Skype and Google Hangouts make multiparty meetings very easy.

What Are Regular Hours?

Working 9 to 5 doesn’t work for some people. People have lives, they need to collect the kids from school, clean the house, put on the washing. Businesses are more and more starting to implement the motto of work when you can, saying that as long as you put in a certain amount of work in the day. Like for some people they work in the morning, then collect the kids from school make them dinner and then revisited work in the evening time.

What Do they Wear?

Unless you are meeting with clients or customers is there really a need for you to dress formally. Do you even need to look presentable? This one of the best things of having a virtual business you can working from home in your P.J’s. No need for you to wasting money on different suits and dress. Wasting time on ironing and washing. It really makes for an easier working life.

These are all great advantages but those who want to be successful still need to put in the work. This is the one thing that has never changed. We are so lucky to have so much technology to enable us in our daily work load but it can only get us so far the rest is up to us.

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7 Things You Must Have on Your Office Desk

The workday is long and you always need a few essentials at your desk because you never know what kind of day it is going to be. Here at Truflies we have composed a list of 8 Things you need to have on your office desk.

1. Note with List of Things to Do

There are many online applications and Office applications like OneNote that do this for you, but honestly nothing works better than a pen and paper. A diary is a great way to go as if you need to do something in a week you can write it. Many design and print companies now allow you to design your own diaries that can are custom made to suit your needs. You don’t have to write everything down but just the things that will move you forward in some way.

2. Spare Phone Charger

I can honestly admit I never remember this one and sure enough come the end of the day my phone is hanging on for dear life with only 5% battery left. Fair enough you’re going to say why would you be using it during work? But it’s not my fault WhatApp is going off every 5 minutes. The best thing to do is buy a charger for the office and never take it home with you.

3. Water Bottle

You’re always told to drink plenty of water, but of course no one actually does. When you are dehydrated you mind struggle to think clearly so having a water bottle at your desk will also improve your work performance.

4. Office Snacks

When I say light snacks, I mean HEALTHY Snacks. In the office there is always temptations of crisps from the canteen or bars from the vending machine. You could keep some fruit or breakfast bars or a bag of nuts like almonds or walnuts for some healthy fats and can provide you with great energy to help you with work.

5. Desk Tissues

Whether there in a box or even just packets it’s always important to have tissues at your desk. Ever felt a big sneeze come on and you end sneezing into your hand, and then find yourself with a hand cover in snot?  Save yourself the embarrassment and put a box of tissues on your desk.

6. Gum or Breath Mint

Did you have a tuna Melt for lunch? Do I need to go any further with this one? You don’t want to have bad breath when you’re talking to people close to you in the office. You’ll get a name for yourself. Just bring some gum.

7. Some Spray

This one is very important especially in the summer months. It is crucial that you always have deodorant at your desk. It’s always important to smell nice in the office and if you are meeting friends or maybe even going on a date then it is important to have spray with you, maybe even some mouthwash and anything else that will make you look or smell nicer.


Well that’s our top 7 things you must have on your office desk, hope your enjoyed it and feel free to comment below.

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Top 7 Tips To Help Your Productivity in When Working From Home

1. Work Regular Work Hours

This is one of the most important factors when you are working from home. I know it is tempting to give yourself some flexibility, like who doesn’t love another hour in the morning. But keeping a strict schedule keeps your proactive and makes you available for people who you work with. Listed below are the main reasons why you should keep to a strict schedule:

  • Being available when your boss needs.
  • Being available when colleagues, customers or clients need you.
  • Suit the time of the day when you are most productive.

This last point is particularly important, we are no saying you need to do a 9-5 day. You should work during your most productive hours of the day.

2. Keep Work Separate from Your Personnel Life

This is just as important. Some people who work from home let work consume their life. If you have promised yourself time off. Take it, don’t burn yourself out. And remember to let everyone else know what times you are available for work and most importantly when you are not available.

3. Break Up The Day

Plan breaks throughout the day. Just like you would in the office. Don’t try work though lunch or even eat lunch while you’re working. You will drive yourself mad if you keep trying to work 8 hours non-stop.

4. Dress Like You’re at Work

Even if you probably won’t see anyone for the day it is important to dress to impress. This includes brushing your teeth and showering. Things like this will tell your brain that its work time and not relaxation time. Tracky’s and a hoodie will do nothing but encourage laziness. Do it like you are getting up for work anyway.


5. Build Your Own Office

It’s always tempting to work from the couch or even the kitchen table where you had your breakfast. You will be more alert if you have an office environment setup with a supportive comfy chair, spacious organised desk and consistent workstation tools.

6. No Visitors


You can’t have the baby sitting on your lap or the neighbour in talking to you. You need to concentrate so this means full eyes on the prize. No distractions just like you have in work.

7. Keep in Touch

It is important to keep in touch with your co-workers not just on a professional level but also on a social level. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you are not still part of the office. Try check in with co-workers a couple of times a week, can be by text, call or even meeting up with them face to face.

If you can keep to these 7 tips you will improve your productivity in the office for sure.

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One Day There Will Certainly Be Just As Many individuals Working At Home As In An Office

Exactly what makes working at home so attractive? Did you know that the United States census bureau has specified that one in every 2 houses by the year 2010 will have a home business? That is an astounding amount of individuals working from house. What is the factor for individuals wishing to alter from working in a workplace to working from house?

One factor might be time spent on the road. The census bureau has actually mentioned that an individual invests an average of one hundred hours a year driving to and from work. These are precious hours that could be invested at home with your household, good friends or perhaps invested volunteering. When you work out of an office in your home, the commute in the morning is however long it takes you to obtain from your cooking area to your office presuming you require that morning cup of

With the constant increasing expense of gas if you have a long commute every day you might need to ask yourself if it deserves it. Accumulate the cost you spend monthly on gas and parking. In some cities the rate of a parking space downtown can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. So what portion of your paycheck is going toward simply those two things?

Now that gas and parking has actually been covered the next expense related to working outside the home is your wardrobe. Unless you are working in a position that needs an uniform supplied to you by the company you are probably investing upwards of a thousand dollars a year on work clothing. Then there are lunches, are you packing your very own or do you go out to eat every day? Even if you only eat out three days a week that is still twelve times a month. At around ten dollars per dish you will roughly be spending fifteen hundred dollars a year. That is a lot of cash that could be made use of very differently. Think about that holiday you have always wished to take.

Another thing that makes individuals want to work at house is that by doing that you will only be doing your work. No more having to handle a colleagues workload because either they were too lazy to do it or they turned in inferior work and in charge concerned you to fix it. The only work that you will certainly
be needed to do is the work that you yourself dedicated to do.

There are also say goodbye to fret about whether you have anymore ill days left. If you take place to be sick one day, you have the capability to start your day at a later time. That isn’t even an alternative if you have an office task. If you run out sick days you’ll find yourself needing to drag your throbbing body to work. Not a fun time if you ask me.

There is more participation in having a home business than simply plugging in your computer system and shooting up internet explorer. You need to put some thought into how you are going to establish your home office so that you get the most out of your area. It likewise needs to be appealing enough to you so that you will wish to spend hours a day therein. So don’t simply go and grab a desk from somebody else’s trash can and take a chair from your kitchen en route through. Your office has to reflect your business. If it is littered, unpleasant and totally unorganized you are not going to find yourself having many productive days. So before you begin working make sure that your office will work for you.

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Virtual Staff Members

When we say something is “virtual” in contemporary terminology, we are almost always talking about something related to the internet. So Virtual Dating is dating utilizing the web. “Virtual” does not imply something that does not exist. But it implies you are changing a regular physical entity with a real but for the most part hidden entity that lives online.

The trend in strategic business planning is to include an aggressive “virtual advertising” strategy with your conventional strategies. So it makes sense that eventually the move to virtual resources would reach personnel’s with the availability of virtual staff members.

In the last two or three years, virtual work has actually removed and become a really real resource for businesses wanting to use important experience and subject know-how that can not be discovered in your area. Agencies such as Team Double Click and Rent-A-Coder supply an army of ready to work specialists that can step in and get a task done quickly and efficiently for an employer.

The obvious very first application of virtual employees is to subcontract to an online employment recruiter particular job specific projects that have a short beginning, middle and end. Building a new function into a websites is a good example of a task that can be packaged into a reasonable task and signed over to a virtual specialist to perform the work and go back to the online employer. The handling agencies gather funds via escrow so neither the employer or the consultant are at threat and the handling company claims a portion of the charge as part of their spend for facilitating the partnership. Everyone wins.

However the idea of virtual work is going beyond offering another variation on outsourcing to a specialist. Numerous virtual employment recruiter offer administrative assistants, sales support and numerous other functions generally related to a full time employee however those services are done “practically”. A virtual office manager can have calls routed to his/her remote phone, emails redirected and perform workplace conferences and settlements with vendors via e-mail or instant messaging. Using these modern tools, a virtual assistant can provide practically every function an on website assistant might be able to do but doing this at a lower expense to the company.

The virtual employment trend in company has apparent benefits for companies that require certified help. It opens the door to recruitment sources that can supplement the regional talent swimming pool. Often times virtual staffing companies might have on their “staff member roles” people with a specialized background or skill. The company is knowledgeable at identifying precisely what their client businesses require and matching up the ideal virtual staff member to the task so business has the right ability where they need them, when they require them and only for as long as they require them.

In addition to the benefits that virtual employment has for businesses to fill needs for skilled workers, it’s an exceptional resource for talented workers who want to make a contribution to the business world on their own terms. Virtual employees practically generally work at home or where they chose to work. Often the work is job based with a deadline so the employee can choose the hours that fits their family and personal schedules best. And, like working for a temp agency, the worker can build a resume with the firm that enhances the quality of work they overcome time.

Virtual staffing is a trend that has actually been a success for all involved as it has actually grown in the last couple of years. We can look for this twenty first century approach for bringing in skilled workers to continue to grow as increasingly more companies get comfy with staffing their staff member ranks “virtually”.

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